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cbbackup incremental - incrementally backup couchbase


cbbackup incremental [-h host:port] [-o output_filename] [-T timeout_secs] [-r] [-t transaction_size] [-v] tap_name

cbbackup incremental db_file


cbbackup-incremental gives one the ability to create an incremental backup from a checkpoint created and managed by the Couchbase server. In conjunction with the output from cbbackup-incremental, a Couchbase server may be restored to a given consistent checkpoint.

cbbackup-incremental can also verify a given backup file.

It should be noted that a complete set of incremental backups will be required to get to a particular restore point.

Warning: creating a new backup and not updating it on a regular basis will cause additional memory utilization on the server. The server will retain all previous values across checkpoints (defined by the server) until the backup re-visits the server. It is imperative that the backups be updated or the backup client be deleted.


The following options are supported:

-h hostname:port

Connect to the given host:port as the source to back up.

-o outputfile

Write the incremental backup to the specified output file.

Note that the client will substitute an incrementing integer on each execution for a "%" character included in the backup file name. For purposes of simple sorting, it will automatically pad 5 digits in place of the "%", starting with 00000. This allows one to run cbbackup incremental via cron or some other job controller on a regular basis to create a set of incremental backups. The pattern may take at most one "%" character.

Warning: it is recommended, when moving old incremental backups, to leave the most recent one. This way, cbbackup incremental will always increment the number in the filename monotonically rather than have multiple backups with the same name.

-T n

Terminate if no progress happens for n seconds.

-r tap_name

Only register the name and exit, do not backup any data.

One may use this argument to register a tap_name before one is ready to actually do a backup. Subsequent invocations without this argument will use the same registration (as identified by the tap_name).

-t transaction_size

Include transaction_size records in each disk write.

Tuning the transaction_size will affect the size and rate of disk IO. Generally this option should not need to be adjusted.

The default transaction_size is 5000.


Increase the verbosity output. Note that up to three individual -v arguments may be supplied, each one increasing verbosity.


tap_name The registered client name on the server

db_file The name of the database file to verify


Example 1 creating the first backup from a given server.

# cbbackup incremental -o my_backup_%.cbb hourly_backup

This example creates a backup, using the registered name "hourly_backup" on the server. The file created will be my_backup_00000.cbb if it is the first file. Otherwise it will increment over the digit found in the directory.

Example 2 Backing up a remote server

# cbbackup incremental -h -o got_my_back%.cbb hourly_backup

This example is exactly like the first example, except in the name of the backup file and that this backup is run over the network.

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