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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- */
#define BACKFILL_HH 1
#include <assert.h>
#include <set>
#include "common.hh"
#include "stats.hh"
#include "dispatcher.hh"
#include "ep_engine.h"
* Dispatcher callback responsible for bulk backfilling tap queues
* from a KVStore.
* Note that this is only used if the KVStore reports that it has
* efficient vbucket ops.
class BackfillDiskLoad : public DispatcherCallback {
BackfillDiskLoad(const std::string &n, EventuallyPersistentEngine* e,
TapConnMap &tcm, KVStore *s, uint16_t vbid, const void *token)
: name(n), engine(e), connMap(tcm), store(s), vbucket(vbid), validityToken(token) { }
void callback(GetValue &gv);
bool callback(Dispatcher &, TaskId);
std::string description();
const std::string name;
EventuallyPersistentEngine *engine;
TapConnMap &connMap;
KVStore *store;
uint16_t vbucket;
const void *validityToken;
* VBucketVisitor to backfill a TapProducer. This visitor basically performs backfill from memory
* for only resident items if it needs to schedule a separate disk backfill task because of
* low resident ratio.
class BackFillVisitor : public VBucketVisitor {
BackFillVisitor(EventuallyPersistentEngine *e, TapProducer *tc,
const void *token, const VBucketFilter &backfillVBfilter):
VBucketVisitor(backfillVBfilter), engine(e), name(tc->getName()),
queue(new std::list<queued_item>),
validityToken(token), valid(true),
residentRatioBelowThreshold(false) {
virtual ~BackFillVisitor() {
delete queue;
bool visitBucket(RCPtr<VBucket> &vb);
void visit(StoredValue *v);
bool shouldContinue() {
return checkValidity();
void apply(void);
void complete(void);
void setEvents();
bool pauseVisitor();
bool checkValidity();
EventuallyPersistentEngine *engine;
const std::string name;
std::list<queued_item> *queue;
std::vector<std::pair<uint16_t, queued_item> > found;
std::vector<uint16_t> vbuckets;
const void *validityToken;
bool valid;
bool efficientVBDump;
bool residentRatioBelowThreshold;
* Backfill task scheduled by non-IO dispatcher. Each backfill task performs backfill from
* memory or disk depending on the resident ratio. Each backfill task can backfill more than one
* vbucket, but will snooze for 1 sec if the current backfill backlog for the corresponding TAP
* producer is greater than the threshold (5000 by default).
class BackfillTask : public DispatcherCallback {
BackfillTask(EventuallyPersistentEngine *e, TapProducer *tc,
EventuallyPersistentStore *s, const void *tok,
const VBucketFilter &backfillVBFilter):
bfv(new BackFillVisitor(e, tc, tok, backfillVBFilter)), engine(e), epstore(s) {}
virtual ~BackfillTask() {}
bool callback(Dispatcher &d, TaskId t);
std::string description() {
return std::string("Backfilling items from memory and disk.");
shared_ptr<BackFillVisitor> bfv;
EventuallyPersistentEngine *engine;
EventuallyPersistentStore *epstore;
#endif /* BACKFILL_HH */
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