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{erl_opts, [debug_info, warn_unused_vars, warn_shadow_vars, warn_unused_import,
{d, makecheck}]}.
{port_specs, [
{"priv/", ["c_src/*.c"]}
{port_env, [
%% add MS Visual C++ support to rebar on Windows
{"win32", "CC", "cl.exe"},
{"win32", "CXX", "cl.exe"},
{"win32", "LINKER", "link.exe"},
%% DRV_* and EXE_* Templates are identical
{"win32", "DRV_CXX_TEMPLATE",
{"win32", "DRV_CC_TEMPLATE",
{"win32", "DRV_LINK_TEMPLATE",
%% DRV_* and EXE_* Templates are identical
{"win32", "EXE_CXX_TEMPLATE",
{"win32", "EXE_CC_TEMPLATE",
{"win32", "EXE_LINK_TEMPLATE",
%% ERL_CFLAGS are ok as -I even though strictly it should be /I
{"win32", "ERL_LDFLAGS", " /LIBPATH:$ERL_EI_LIBDIR erl_interface.lib ei.lib"},
{"win32", "DRV_CFLAGS", "/Zi /Wall $ERL_CFLAGS"},
{"win32", "DRV_LDFLAGS", "/DLL $ERL_LDFLAGS"},
% GEOS specifc settings
{"(linux|solaris|darwin)", "LDFLAGS", "$LDFLAGS -lgeos_c"},
{"win32", "DRV_LDFLAGS", "$DRV_LDFLAGS geos_c.lib"}
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