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dch commented Jun 6, 2012

Notes in state how to build libgeos correctly with CMake. Using NMake directly will result in
a different directory structure that requires different rebar.config. Direct NMake appears to be deprecated by the libgeos project.

Test suite is still missing.

dch added some commits May 25, 2012
@dch dch rebar: resolve deprecated rebar.config & enable Windows NIF compilation
- current rebar master branch deprecates a number of settings, let's fix them now
- include Windows-specific compilation steps
@dch dch admin: update gitignore for windows and rebar 8d179c4
@dch dch Windows: use unsigned vars within for loop
c_src/erlgeom.c(259) : warning C4018: '<' : signed/unsigned mismatch
@dch dch Windows: hacking a build script
TODO: move bit by bit all of this into rebar.config
@dch dch add Windows-compatible rebar.cmd 9f69c4c
@dch dch link against geos C API only in rebar.config 5b5a10f
@dch dch updated rebar.cmd with MSVC compatibility d837442
@dch dch minor improvements to build.cmd script
- this functionality should be fully rebarified
- still missing prove etap tests
@dch dch Update with steps used to build geos-3.3.4 consistently
There is a significant difference in output of libraries and header files depending on
whether CMake or NMake was used to build. I recommend CMake as that's the direction
the geos project team are taking.
@dch dch build cleanly with basho/rebar tag 2.0.0
- moved dch's windows custom src/rebar_port_compiler.erl into rebar.config
- this allows building erlgeom with basho rebar
@dch dch build.cmd did not have correct path to erlgeom-{VSN}/priv so DLLs wer…
…e not loaded
@dch dch fix code wrap 6e23220
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