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Fix issue binding an empty NSData parameter

The object [NSData data] was binding to a SQL 'null', not an empty blob.
See: ccgus#73
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snej committed May 29, 2012
1 parent 0774a8d commit 7000d079c9559a7c7c3cf83c565167a5856cccac
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  1. +7 −1 src/FMDatabase.m
@@ -314,7 +314,13 @@ - (void)bindObject:(id)obj toColumn:(int)idx inStatement:(sqlite3_stmt*)pStmt {
// FIXME - someday check the return codes on these binds.
else if ([obj isKindOfClass:[NSData class]]) {
sqlite3_bind_blob(pStmt, idx, [obj bytes], (int)[obj length], SQLITE_STATIC);
const void* bytes = [obj bytes];
if (!bytes) {
// it's an empty NSData object, aka [NSData data].
// Don't pass a NULL pointer, or sqlite will bind a SQL null instead of a blob!
bytes = "";
sqlite3_bind_blob(pStmt, idx, bytes, (int)[obj length], SQLITE_STATIC);
else if ([obj isKindOfClass:[NSDate class]]) {
sqlite3_bind_double(pStmt, idx, [obj timeIntervalSince1970]);

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