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iOS Couchbase User

iOS Couchbase User is the place to start for anyone interested in embedding Apache CouchDB into their iOS application.

Getting Started

Get a copy of iOS Couchbase User
 git clone git://
Installing the Xcode Project Templates
 cd iOS-Couchbase-Templates/
 open CouchbaseTemplates.xcworkspace/

  • Select "Download Couchbase" from the Scheme popup
  • Click the Run button, this will download a recent version of the Couchbase binaries suitable for embedding in an iOS application
  • Select "Install Xcode Project Templates" from the Scheme popup
  • Click the Run button, at this point you should now have Couchbase Project Templates installed in your ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates folder

Starting a New Project using a Couchbase Template
  • Select File > New > New Project... (⇧ ⌘ N)

  • Select Couchbase Navigation-based Application and press the Next button

  • Provide a Product Name and press the Next button

  • Provide a location for Xcode to save the new project and press the Create button

  • You should now have a new project created that looks like the image above.
  • Select "Your Application - iPhone Simulator" from the Scheme popup
  • Press the Run button

  • You should now see the same basic iPhone screen as you get with the Navigation Application template.

  • And in the Xcode console you should see a message indicating the URL that CouchDB is accessible at and a message that "Couch is ready!"

Next Steps

To see whats possible and get ideas for how to further integrate your application with CouchDB we suggest you look at the following applications:

Mobile Couchbase -

OnTheSpot -

Also, if you'd like to use an Objective-C library to access CouchDB, consider Trundle -