An iOS demo app for Couchbase Mobile: creates simple location-tagged database of photos.
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410 Obsolete Repository

These are not the codes you are looking for

We've made a ton of progress on Couchbase Mobile technologies since this repository was current. You can find the latest code in these Github projects:

  • Couchbase Mobile documentation repository. Look here for an architecture overview, tutorials, and links to API docs.
  • Couchbase Lite iOS sync client. This is the latest version of TouchDB. We've changed the name because it is lighter, and built by Couchbase. TouchDB will continue to get bug fixes but new development is happening on Couchbase Lite.
  • Couchbase Lite Android is coming soon. If you need something for Android today, look at TouchDB for Android
  • LiteGap iOS PhoneGap / Cordova container for Couchbase Lite, makes it easy to build HTML5 mobile sync apps. If you are creating a PhoneGap container on Android, it should be as simple as adding TouchDB Android to the generic PhoneGap Android app.

To discuss Couchbase Mobile and find answers about the latest state of the art, please join our Couchbase Mobile Google Group

If you really wanted the legacy code for this repository, it's available on the master branch. You are currently looking at the redirect branch. Check out the repo and switch to the master branch, or use the branch selector in the Github UI.