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note about how to run without vhosts

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I was tired of all the complicated wikis that required some kind of application server that I didn't want to even think about, so I wrote a CouchApp wiki. This one uses Markdown.
+## Installing
+Follow the instructions below ("Deploying...") to get this code into your CouchDB. This section concerns how to make it so Pages is accessible at the URL-style you prefer.
+### The Easy Way (Ugly URLs)
+The easy way is just to run `couchapp push` as detailed below, and go to the URL it hints you. That should be something like:
+ http://localhost:5984/pages/_design/pages/_rewrite/page/index
+Now you can create your first wiki page. Later on, you can easily follow the next set of instructions to get nicer looking URLs. The nice ones will replace `/pages/_design/pages/_rewrite/page/index` with just `/page/index`.
+### Pretty URLs
To deploy this you need to point a DNS name at your Couch (or use `/etc/hosts`), and then configure your CouchDB to have a vhost like:
@@ -15,6 +29,7 @@ This app requires that it be deployed to a database called `pages`. I'd like to
Once you have it deployed, visit `` and it will take it from there.
## Generated by CouchApp
CouchApps are web applications which can be served directly from [CouchDB]( This gives them the nice property of replicating just like any other data stored in CouchDB. They are also simple to write as they can use the built-in jQuery libraries and plugins that ship with CouchDB.

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