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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Komodo Project File - DO NOT EDIT -->
<project id="32a0fd74-e11a-3743-94a7-9bb2f44a5377" kpf_version="4" name="couchbase-client.kpf">
<preference-set idref="32a0fd74-e11a-3743-94a7-9bb2f44a5377">
<boolean id="import_live">1</boolean>
<string relative="path" id="perlExtraPaths">lib:/home/mordy/src/Couchbase-Client/blib</string>
<boolean id="perl_lintOption_includeCurrentDirForLinter">1</boolean>
<string id="phpExtraPaths"></string>
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