collect couchbase stats
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Example : python26 –ini=cluster.ini –frequency=10 –name=some_name –output=output_filename –duration=100 Or ( python26 -I cluster.ini -f 10 -n some_name -o output_filename –d 100 ) Frequency : how often collect stats from each node , duration , how long keep the script running.

Once script completes it will create a *.json.gz file that contains all the stats.

1- The requirement is that they must have “yum install sysstats” on all boxes. They also should check which /dev/sd??? Their database is actually installed and change line #283.

2- They need to have python 2.6 installed only on the box where they want to run this script from yum install git python26 python26-setuptools gcc make g++ python26-devel easy_install-2.6 paramiko git clone git:// cd pystatcollector python26 -h

3- cluster.ini file describes the cluster ssh/REST information. Ini file example : sample.ini