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[Sass Rails Gem] For the wonderfully programmatic creation of CSS3, a default install with rails, but I prefer the alternative sass syntax over the scss syntax.
+[Koala] This is a great Facebook API gem for convenient lookups of user info, etc. Refer to:
== Personal Selections
@@ -36,4 +36,9 @@ For convenience I use many gems that make life easier:
[Yettings] A great little gem for creating environment based global settings through an application scope class/object. The settings are stored in a yaml file in the config folder. Refer to:
+[Map] A great indifference gem for Hashes, allows nesting as well by Ara Howard, use strings or symbols for hash lookups. Refer to:
+[Term-AnsiColor] A great gem for colorizing your terminal puts and debugging messages. Refer to:

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