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[Dalli Gem] This allows us to use Couchbase for the Rails cache instead of the default cookies and Sqlite3 based ActiveRecord. For more information on setting this up, refer to: You can see the settings in <i>config/application.rb</i>, and <i>config/initializers/session_store.rb</i>
[Wordnik Gem] This allows us to lookup word definitions, parts of speech, and more great and useful information. For more information on setting this up refer to: Also, you need to create an API key by going to: You can refer to their API docs by going to both and
-[RSpec & RSpec Rails Gem] The defacto BDD to allow for BDD driven testing during development.
[Sass Rails Gem] For the wonderfully programmatic creation of CSS3, a default install with rails, but I prefer the alternative sass syntax over the scss syntax.

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