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git clone git://
cd rampup

To run...

First, clear out the out directory or move old results out of the way...

rm -rf out/*

To run a test...

./runtests $package $ram_quotas,csv $replica_counts,csv $num_items,csv $nodes,csv $vbucket-range $val-size,csv

For example...

./runtests couchbase-server-community_x86_64_2.0.0r-12-g9ef46c9.rpm 5000 0 100000,1000000 1 1-64 128,1024,10240

The above will run a matrix of...

ram quota: 5000 mb
replica count: 0
num items: 100000, 1000000
num nodes: 1
vbuckets, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64
min item size: 128, 1024, 10240 bytes

It takes quite awhile on one of our physical perf box. You could cut down the matrix inputs to make it faster.

So, to run something quick, cut down the test matrix to use less data and dimensions...

./runtests couchbase-server-community_x86_64_2.0.0r-12-g9ef46c9.rpm 5000 0 100000 1 64-64 128,10240

The output files will appear in the ./out subdirectory.

To upload those to a couchdb for further analysis, use...

./results-store http://HOST:5984/COUCHDB RUN_NAME OUT0 [OUT1 ... OUTN]

For example:

./results-store physical out/test-*/*.out

Notes on prerequisites

Required gem's...

gem install memcache dalli

On Amazon Default Linux

You'll need the right openssl...

sudo yum install openssl098e

On centos...

Get git. Along the way, you might need...

yum install gcc gcc-c++ zlib zlib-devel

Get a recent ruby (1.8.7 or greater).

Get rubygems (from

On ubuntu...

apt-get install git-core
apt-get install ruby irb


apt-get install rubygems1.8


tar -xzvf rubygems-1.8.7.tgz
cd rubygems-1.8.7
ruby setup.rb

Testing mongo

If you also want to test mongo...

gem install mongo
gem install bson
gem install bson_ext
gem install SystemTimer

Cluster testing

The runtests tool has the ability to test a cluster of nodes, via a "$nodes.csv" parameter that's > 1. For example...

./runtests some-victim.rpm 5000 0 100000 2,4,10 64-64 128 \

The $LIST_OF_HOSTS should be '+' separated.

The $HTTP_BASE should be the URL prefix where runtests can download the some-victim.rpm.

Fake example...

./runtests couchbase-server-community_x86_64_2.0.0r-12-g9ef46c9.rpm \
   5000 0 100000,1000000 4,2,1 1-64 128,1024,10240 \

The cluster tests also depend on ssh access to remote machines, so you might want to ssh-add and use ssh agent forwarding ("ssh -A joe@") so that runtests's attempts to ssh to other boxes will work.

Testing other software

You can also use runtests against old versions of membase (although the view-related measurements should be ignored), couchbase-single, and mongo. The ram quota, number of vbuckets and number of nodes parameters, also, won't make sense depending on what you're testing.


./runtests mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.0-rc2.tgz 0 0 10000,1000000 1 1 128,1024,10240
./runtests couchbase-single-server_x86_64_2.0.0r-22-gd69ec57.rpm 0 0 100000 0 1-64 128,1024,10240

Fire and forget

If you're running a long test run, considering using nohup with backgrounding the job or equivalent, so that your terminal/tty can die without killing the run. Like...

nohup ./runtests ../couchbase-single-server_x86_64_2.0.0r-22-gd69ec57.rpm 0 0 100000,1000000 0 16-64 128,1024,10240 &

NOTE: The nohup approach might not work well with cluster testing due to ssh interactions.

Monitoring progress

Monitoring the output of the out subdir can be helpful to see progress...

watch -d "ls -alt out/test*/*"


watch -d "ls -at out/test*/*.out | head -n 1 | xargs tail -n 30"

Hint: check that "items/sec" isn't too crazy (unbelievably fast, or greater than 100,000 items/sec), as that might indicate some weird issue with data loading or accessing.


To generate nice PDF graphs, we use the R tool. Please see the report subdirectory.

To get R, see / CRAN, and if you're running on a mac, favor