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Commits on Jun 1, 2012
  1. @mrusan
  2. @mrusan

    [rightscale] metadata update

    mrusan authored
  3. @mrusan
  4. @mrusan
  5. @mrusan
Commits on May 31, 2012
  1. @mrusan
  2. @mrusan
  3. @mrusan
  4. @mrusan
  5. @mrusan
  6. @mrusan
  7. @mrusan
  8. @mrusan

    [rightscale] Initial commit

    mrusan authored
  9. @douglaswth
  10. @lopaka

    [db_mysql] libraries/helper.rb - simple comment change

    lopaka authored
    [db_mysql] providers/default.rb - remove whitespace from end of each entry in changed while(1) to loop.
  11. @lopaka

    [db_mysql] libraries/helper.rb, providers/default.rb - changes made t…

    lopaka authored
    …o support reboot and stop/start. Previously, restart/stop_start would result in resetting mysql position and rerunning all of the sql commands
  12. @douglaswth
  13. @douglaswth
  14. @douglaswth
  15. @douglaswth
  16. @douglaswth

    [logging] Fix formatting.

    douglaswth authored
  17. @ekargard

    [logging]Comment revision

    ekargard authored
  18. @douglaswth
  19. @douglaswth

    [rightscale] Update rightscale_tools gem to version 1.1.9 which impro…

    douglaswth authored
    …ves logging and error handling (w4384).
  20. @douglaswth

    Merge pull request #44 from rightscale/sprint12_04_a45981_lineage_tim…

    douglaswth authored
    Sprint12 04 a45981 lineage timestamp fix
Commits on May 30, 2012
  1. @douglaswth

    Typo fixes.

    douglaswth authored
  2. @ekargard
  3. @ekargard
  4. @douglaswth

    [block_device] Apparently we can't pass nil to timestamp_override and…

    douglaswth authored
    … expect it to overwrite whatever was there before; using "" instead.
  5. @lopaka
  6. @douglaswth

    [block_device] Use inspect in logging so we see if things are nil ins…

    douglaswth authored
    …tead of wondering about blanks.
  7. @douglaswth

    [block_device] Don't name the timestamp override variable the same as…

    douglaswth authored
    … the method to set it in the resource, also copy the logging over to the secondary restore recipe.
  8. @ekargard

    [logging]Updated README

    ekargard authored
  9. @ekargard
  10. @mrusan

    Merge pull request #36 from rightscale/sprint12_04_a31247_clouddns

    mrusan authored
    a31247 clouddns support for sys_dns
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