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Logbert is an advanced log message viewer for log4net, log4j and others.
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Logbert is an advanced log message viewer for log4net, log4j and others.

Logbert Screenshot


  • Multiple log receivers
    • Chainsaw compatible loggers like log4net or nlog (UDP, TCP, File and Directory based)
    • Windows event log
    • SysLog events (UDP, TCP and File based)
  • Create unlimited count of bookmarks
  • Filter log messages using a logger tree and level filter
  • Wildcard and regular expression based search
  • Optional timeshift in milliseconds for synchronization
  • Export log messages to a file as received or as CSV
  • Create regular expression based filters
  • Embedded LUA script engine
    • Create or remove bookmarks
    • Show a message
    • Access received log messages
    • Trigger function if a new log message is received or a bookmark is changed
  • Statistic windows to see the log level ratio.
  • Directory based receiving (load multiple log files as one)
  • Customizable log receiver (UDP, TCP, File and Directory based)

Planned Features

  • HTML Reporting
  • More log receivers

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2019 Couchcoding - Released under the MIT license.

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