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User creation #56

ahamid opened this Issue Mar 6, 2011 · 4 comments

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ahamid commented Mar 6, 2011

Is user creation something that would be considered in scope for this library? E.g.:

def self.create_user_doc(username, password, roles = [])
  doc = {
    :name => username,
    :_id => "org.couchdb.user:" + username,
    :type => "user",
    :roles => (roles || [])
  if !password.nil?
    doc[:salt] = UUID.generate
    doc[:password_sha] = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest(password + doc[:salt])
  return doc
ahamid commented Mar 6, 2011

See pull request: #58

ahamid commented Mar 6, 2011

has patch and test, see last comment

ahamid commented Dec 24, 2011


CouchRest member
samlown commented Jul 13, 2015

4 and a half years later... I think this is a useful feature, but I'm not convinced on the User Document part. Given that this is a one-way process, i.e. fetching a user returns a regular Document, I think a UserDocument abstraction is beneficial.

If this is still useful, I'd suggest sticking create_user document in the Server class.

@samlown samlown closed this Jul 13, 2015
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