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@thefiddler thefiddler Added missing word 1988d5a
@timcharper timcharper Note about authorization for creating design documents 744a375
@timcharper timcharper about authentication 6a3d481
@timcharper timcharper tweak c38a001
@timcharper timcharper Updated Home (markdown) f0904c2
@timcharper timcharper Updated Home (textile => markdown) a694144
@timcharper timcharper Updated Installing (textile => markdown) 9c511f0
@timcharper timcharper Updated Usage Overview (markdown) acc8fc1
@timcharper timcharper Fixed duplication 2d9d2c6
@timcharper timcharper Deleting attachments 77f5f4b
@timcharper timcharper Adds examples for working with attachment 6d3a3f1
@timcharper timcharper Adds some more examples, use syntax highlighting 71b565d
@timcharper timcharper Updated Connecting to a CouchDB database (textile) 3cdd948
@timcharper timcharper Updated Usage Overview (markdown => textile) 4207973
@timcharper timcharper Updated Installing (markdown => textile) 7b8e439
@timcharper timcharper Updated Home (textile => markdown) 10d2171
@timcharper timcharper Created Usage Overview (markdown) d765ca1
@timcharper timcharper Updated CouchRest Core (textile => markdown) 4ed6af0
@cartoonROR cartoonROR Updated Couchrestextendeddocument basic queries (markdown) b44fab6
@cartoonROR cartoonROR Created Couchrestextendeddocument basic queries (markdown) 1f78b8a
@kostia kostia Updated couchdb lucene Support (textile) f7667c3
@AJamesPhillips AJamesPhillips Revert f88bc0af76797df1b08a0cf47dcb657fc57ef8fc ... 0ec95bbf62d095272d161c62275c3714a7eb4fe1 b2d0d60
@AJamesPhillips AJamesPhillips Destroyed Installing (textile) 0ec95bb
@weppos weppos Strip spaces from title to avoid conversion into -- chars in URL Updated CouchRest::ExtendedDocument (textile) f88bc0a
@newacct newacct Migrated from couchrestextendeddocument-basic-queries v3 fde205b
@eric eric Migrated from couchrest-core v2 75ec4ec
@jwood jwood Migrated from couchrestextendeddocument v3 997a14c
@jwood jwood Migrated from couchdb-lucene-support v5 db8a8ac
@jwood jwood Migrated from couchdb-lucene-support v4 4589805
@jwood jwood Migrated from couchdb-lucene-support v3 55fe8fe
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