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CouchRest Model Change History

2.0.0.beta - 2012-06-14

  • Added design doc migration support, including for proxied models
  • Rake tasks available for migrations
  • Rails config option now available: config.couchrest_model.auto_update_design_docs = false
  • Skipping 1.2 version due to design doc API changes

1.2.0.beta - 2012-06-08

  • Completely refactored Design Document handling.
  • Removed old view and view_by methods.
  • CouchRest::Model::Base.respond_to_missing? and respond_to? (Kim Burgestrand) (later removed)
  • Time#as_json now insists on using xmlschema with 3 fraction digits by default.
  • Added time_fraction_digits configuration object

1.1.2 - 2011-07-23

  • Minor fixes
    • Upgrade to couchrest 1.1.2
    • Override as_couch_json to ensure nil values not stored
    • Removing restriction that prohibited objects that cast as an array to be loaded.

1.1.1 - 2011-07-04

  • Minor fix
    • Bumping CouchRest version dependency for important initialize method fix.
    • Ensuring super on Embeddable#initialize can be called.

1.1.0 - 2011-06-25

  • Major Alterations

    • CastedModel no longer requires a Hash. Automatically includes all required methods.
    • CastedModel module renamed to Embeddable (old still works!)
  • Minor Fixes

    • Validation callbacks now support context (thanks kostia)
    • Document comparisons now performed using database and document ID (pointer by neocsr)
    • Automatic config generation now supported (thanks lucasrenan)
    • Comparing documents resorts to Hash comparison if both IDs are nil. (pointer by kostia)

1.1.0.rc1 - 2011-06-08

  • New Features

    • Properties with a nil value are now no longer sent to the database.
    • Now possible to build new objects via CastedArray#build
    • Implement #get! and #find! class methods
    • Now is possible delete particular elements in casted array(Kostiantyn Kahanskyi)
  • Minor fixes

    • #as_json now correctly uses ActiveSupports methods.
    • Rails 3.1 support (Peter Williams)
    • Initialization blocks when creating new models (Peter Williams)
    • Removed railties dependency (DAddYE)
    • DesignDoc cache refreshed if a database is deleted.
    • Fixing dirty tracking on collection_of association.
    • Uniqueness Validation views created on initialization, not on demand!
    • #destroy freezes object instead of removing _id and _rev, better for callbacks (pointer by karmi)
    • #destroyed? method now available
    • #reload no longer uses Hash#merge! which was causing issues with dirty tracking on casted models. (pointer by kostia)
    • Non-property mass assignment on #new no longer possible without :directly_set_attributes option.
    • Using CouchRest 1.1.0.pre3. (No more Hashes!)
    • Fixing problem assigning a CastedHash to a property declared as a Hash (Kostiantyn Kahanskyi, gfmtim)

1.1.0.beta5 - 2011-04-30

  • Major changes:

    • Database auto configuration, with connection options!
    • Changed default CouchRest Model type to 'type' to be more consistent with ActiveRecord's reserverd words we're all used to (sorry for the change again!!)
  • Minor changes

    • Added filter option to designs (Used with CouchDB _changes feeds)


  • Major changes:

    • Fast Dirty Tracking! Many thanks to @sobakasu (Andrew Williams)
    • Default CouchRest Model type field now set to 'model' instead of 'couchrest-type'.
  • Minor enhancements:

    • Adding "couchrest-hash" to Design Docs with aim to improve view update handling.
    • Major changes to the way design document updates are handled internally.
    • Added "auto_update_design_doc" configuration option.
    • Using #descending on View object will automatically swap startkey with endkey.


  • Removed


  • Minor enhancements:
    • Time handling improved in accordance with CouchRest 1.1.0. Always set to UTC.
    • Refinements to associations and uniqueness validation for proxy (based on issue found by Gleb Kanterov)
    • Added :allow_nil and :allow_blank options when creating a new view
    • Unique Validation now supports scopes!
    • Added support for #keys with list on Design View.


  • Epic enhancements:

    • Added "View" object for dynamic view queries
    • Added easy to use proxy_for and proxied_by class methods for proxying data
  • Minor enhancements:

    • A yield parameter in an anonymous casted model property block is no longer required (@samlown)
    • Narrow the rescued exception to avoid catching class evaluation errors that has nothing to to with the association (thanks Simone Carletti)
    • Fix validate uniqueness test that was never executed (thanks Simone Carletti)
    • Adds a #reload method to reload document attributes (thanks Simone Carletti)
    • Numeric types can be casted from strings with leading or trailing whitespace (thanks chrisdurtschi)
    • CollectionProxy no longer provided by default with simple views (pending deprication)

CouchRest Model 1.0.0

  • Major enhancements

    • Support for configuration module and "model_type_key" option for overriding model's type key
    • Added "mass_assign_any_attribute" configuration option to allow setting anything via the attribute= method.
  • Minor enhancements

    • Fixing find("") issue (thanks epochwolf)
    • Altered protected attributes so that hash provided to #attributes= is not modified
    • Altering typecasting for floats to better handle commas and points
    • Fixing the lame pagination bug where database url (and pass!!) were included in view requests (Thanks James Hayton)


  • 2010-10-22 @samlown:
    • ActiveModel Attribute support was added but has now been removed due to major performance issues. Until these have been resolved (if possible?!) they should not be included. See the 'active_model_attrs' if you'd like to test.

CouchRest Model 1.0.0.beta8

  • Major enhancements

    • Added model generator
  • Minor enhancements

    • Raise error on adding objects to "collection_of" without an id
    • Allow mixing of protected and accessible properties. Any unspecified properties are now assumed to be protected by default
    • Parsing times without zone
    • Using latest rspec (2.0.0.beta.19)

CouchRest Model 1.0.0.beta7

  • Major enhancements

    • Renamed ExtendedDocument to CouchRest::Model
    • Added initial support for simple belongs_to associations
    • Added support for basic collection_of association (unique to document databases!)
    • Moved Validation to ActiveModel
    • Moved Callbacks to ActiveModel
    • Removed support for properties defined using a string for the type instead of a class
    • Validation always included
    • Uniqueness validation now available
  • Minor enhancements

    • Removed support for auto_validate! and :length on properties


  • Major enhancements

    • Added support for anonymous CastedModels defined in Documents
  • Minor enhancements

    • Added 'find_by_*' alias for finding first item in view with matching key.
    • Fixed issue with active_support in Rails3 and text in README for JSON.
    • Refactoring of properties, added read_attribute and write_attribute methods.
    • Now possible to send anything to update_attribtues method. Invalid or readonly attributes will be ignored.
    • Attributes with arrays are always instantiated as a CastedArray.
    • Setting a property of type Array (or keyed hash) must be an array or an error will be raised.
    • Now possible to set Array attribute from hash where keys determine order.


  • Minor enhancements
    • Added 'find' alias for 'get' for easier rails transition


  • Minor enhancements
    • Removed Validation by default, requires too many structure changes (FAIL)
    • Added support for instantiation of documents read from database as couchrest-type provided (Sam Lown)
    • Improved attachment handling for detecting file type (Sam Lown)
    • Removing some monkey patches and relying on active_support for constantize and humanize (Sam Lown)
    • Added support for setting type directly on property (Sam Lown)


  • Minor enhancements
    • Enable Validation by default and refactored location (Sam Lown)


  • Major enhancements

    • Separated ExtendedDocument from main CouchRest gem (Sam Lown)
  • Minor enhancements

    • active_support included by default


  • Minor enhancements
    • Added gemspec (needed for Bundler install) (Tapajós)


  • Major enhancements

    • Adds support for continuous replication (sauy7)
    • Automatic Type Casting (Alexander Uvarov, Sam Lown, Tim Heighes, Will Leinweber)
    • Added a search method to CouchRest:Database to search the documents in a given database. (Dave Farkas, Arnaud Berthomier, John Wood)
  • Minor enhancements

    • Provide a description of the timeout error (John Wood)


  • Major enhancements

  • Minor enhancements

    • Fix attachment bug (Johannes Jörg Schmidt)
    • Fix create database exception bug (Damien Mathieu)
    • Compatible with restclient >= 1.4.0 new responses (Julien Kirch)
    • Bug fix: Attribute protection no longer strips attributes coming from the database (Will Leinweber)
    • Bug fix: Remove double CGI escape when PUTting an attachment (nzoschke)
    • Bug fix: Changing Class proxy to set database on result sets (Peter Gumeson)
    • Bug fix: Updated time regexp (Nolan Darilek)
    • Added an update_doc method to database to handle conflicts during atomic updates. (Pierre Larochelle)
    • Bug fix: (Luke Burton)


  • Major enhancements

    • Added support for https database URIs. (Mathias Meyer)
    • Changing some validations to be compatible with activemodel. (Marcos Tapajós)
    • Adds attribute protection to properties. (Will Leinweber)
    • Improved CouchRest::Database#save_doc, added "batch" mode to significantly speed up saves at cost of lower durability gurantees. (Igal Koshevoy)
    • Added CouchRest::Database#bulk_save_doc and #batch_save_doc as human-friendlier wrappers around #save_doc. (Igal Koshevoy)
  • Minor enhancements

    • Fix content_type handling for attachments
    • Fixed a bug in the pagination code that caused it to paginate over records outside of the scope of the view parameters.(John Wood)
    • Removed amount_pages calculation for the pagination collection, since it cannot be reliably calculated without a view.(John Wood)
    • Bug fix: (Luke Burton)
    • Bug fix: (Marcos Tapajós)
    • Removed the Database class deprecation notices (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Adding support to :cast_as => 'Date'. (Marcos Tapajós)
    • Improve documentation (Marcos Tapajós)
    • Streamer fixes (Julien Sanchez)
    • Fix Save on Document & ExtendedDocument crashed if bulk (Julien Sanchez)
    • Fix Initialization of ExtendentDocument model shouldn't failed on a nil value in argument (deepj)
    • Change to use Jeweler and Gemcutter (Marcos Tapajós)


  • Major enhancements

    • Added a new Rack logger middleware letting you log/save requests/queries (Matt Aimonetti)
  • Minor enhancements

    • Added #amount_pages to a paginated result array (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Ruby 1.9.2 compatible (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Added a property? method for property cast as :boolean (John Wood)
    • Added an option to force the deletion of a attachments (bypass 409s) (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Created a new abstraction layer for the REST API (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Bug fix: made ExtendedDocument#all compatible with Couch 0.10 (tc)


  • Major enhancements

    • ExtendedDocument.get doesn't raise an exception anymore. If no documents are found nil is returned.
    • ExtendedDocument.get! works the say #get used to work and will raise an exception if a document isn't found.
  • Minor enhancements

    • Bug fix: Model.all(:keys => [1,2]) was not working (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Added ValidationErrors#count in order to play nicely with Rails (Peter Wagenet)
    • Bug fix: class proxy design doc refresh (Daniel Kirsh)
    • Bug fix: the count method on the proxy collection was missing (Daniel Kirsch)
    • Added #amount_pages to a paginated collection. (Matt Aimonetti)


  • Major enhancements

    • Created an abstraction HTTP layer to support different http adapters (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Added ExtendedDocument.create({}) and #create!({}) so you don't have to do (Matt Aimonetti)
  • Minor enhancements

    • Added an init.rb file for easy usage as a Rails plugin (Aaron Quint)
    • Bug fix: pagination shouldn't die on empty results (Arnaud Berthomier)
    • Optimized ExtendedDocument.count to run about 3x faster (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Added Float casting (Ryan Felton & Matt Aimonetti)


  • Major enhancements

    • Added support for pagination (John Wood)
    • Improved performance when initializing documents with timestamps (Matt Aimonetti)
  • Minor enhancements

    • Extended the API to retrieve an attachment URI (Matt Aimonetti)
    • Bug fix: default value should be able to be set as false (Alexander Uvarov)
    • Bug fix: validates_is_numeric should be able to properly validate a Float instance (Rob Kaufman)
    • Bug fix: fixed the Timeout implementation (Seth Falcon)

Unfortunately, before 0.30 we did not keep a track of the modifications made to CouchRest. You can see the full commit history on GitHub:

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