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A Simple Couchapp from the Ground Up

This is the code that accompanies my tutorial, A Simple Couchapp from the Ground Up.

This code is available under the BSD license (see the file LICENSE.markdown in this directory). It is © 2010 Tim Smith.

Licencing info for the tutorial text is available on its web page.

This git repository contains the source code, in versioned branches, matching each page of the tutorial. The final code, resulting from the tutorial and any post-publishing updates, is on the master branch. The full source of the tutorial text is on the gh-pages branch.

This is a work in progress. My plan is to split this into multiple blog postings and release it over some amount of time. By the end, I'll have basically implemented all of the functionality in [Mikeal's node.couchapp.js][node.couchapp.js], plus a fairly complete Couchapp. I want to cover Couchapp replication, and authentication and security issues.

Tim, 2010-10-15