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1.1 releases


  • Videos no longer save as "videoplayback"!
  • Some cleaned up code
  • Adds a way to download Standard MP4 for some videos (Flash player)


  • Fixes downloads for videos served with the Flash player
  • Removes support for channel pages


  • Fixes HTML5 beta downloads for videos with more than one available format


  • Re-enables basic support for pages using the HTML5 beta (HTML5)
  • Known problem: at this time, HTML5 pages only show one download link (HTML5)
  • Adds "Standard MP4" links for all videos available in "Standard FLV" (Flash player)
  • Adds "Low quality FLV" links, which had been removed in previous versions (Flash player)
  • General code optimizations!
  • Sorting of formats streamlined
  • Testing for channel pages improved
  • Many code comments added


  • Added basic support for YouTube's channel pages
  • Only the first video is download-able at the moment, but this will be improved

1.0 releases


  • Slight reordering of format links
  • Used to test the update mechanism, test successful


  • Fixed UpdateManifest.plist so that updates would be detected by Safari


  • Fixed for use on Vevo music video pages, by making the background of the download link container white, and adding some extra padding


  • Added titles to the download links, so there would be more information on hover


  • Initial release