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Research code to detect masquerade attacks at the command line using sequence alignment techniques from the bioinformatics domain.
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This repository includes the C++ source code for a program that uses semi-global sequence alignment to align commands as provided in the Schonlau et al. dataset.


This is research code, and should be used only to investigate the usage of sequence alignment to detect masquerade attacks. Users of the code should know that it has not undergone significant software testing, and should not be used beyond demonstration purposes.

To Compile:

g++ -o seqalign main.cpp

Note that this program is cross-platform compatible, though there may be warnings on Unix systems.

To Run:

Ensure that mask.dat (the Schonlau command sequence file) and summary.dat (the matrix of ground truth for masquerades) are in the current working directory. Run seqalign with no parameters. The program will run through sensitivity levels from 0 to 100 by increments of 5 and print out the performance of each user, plus the overall performance at the given sensitivity level.

Defaults: By default, the program is set to use the heuristic speed up mechanism.
To remove this, change line 110 in main.cpp so that the final parameter is 'false'. Also, this version of the sequence alignment program is set to use signature updating with the binary scoring system. It cannot be set to do otherwise.

Contact: Papers and related material available at

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