Open-source operations manual for Countable Web Productions Inc.
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Countable Web Productions Inc Operations Manual

What Is This?

This is the Countable Web Productions Inc. operations manual.

Like for an open source software project, our processes and other information assets are publicly available for anyone to use under the MIT license. However, just as an open source software project does not disclose its database contents, this repository does not include any of our clients' and employees' private data.


First, why does this repository exist? The purpose of this repository is to document Countable's operations for convenient reference, discussion and amendment.

Second, why is it open source? To promote transparency.

Whenever you find yourself saying something for a second time (to a second audience, or in a second situation), it is highly likely that you will end up saying it again and again in the future. To vastly improve the quality of the communication, and reduce the amount of time that you spend communicating it … write it down.
Then, the next time you need to communicate that message, you can simply share it in written form. If it is something that all members of the team should know and remember, put it in a company-wide Wiki. If it is truly seminal to the organization, post it on a wall for all to see.

-- "The Great CEO Within", By Matt Mochary


This repo will contain:

  • Business processes and knowledge base.
  • The Articles of Incorporation and other general corporate documents. Countable is a CCPC, but it's possible some of these documents may be useful for other organization structures.
  • Document templates used by the company for accounting and legal.
  • We will not publish information here that would compromise the privacy or property of our employees, clients or customers. For example, filled timesheets, invoices and other documents with monetary specifics of other parties will not be filed here. For these, only empty templates will be provided.

Vision Statement

Codify the many-faceted problem of web technology delivery, so it can be abstracted away and simplified to allow everyone to better focus on their customers. This should be done in a way that caters to the situation of a business implementing the technology. Learn more about Countable's vision for an exceptional web technology team.

Mission Statement

A common goal to align and evaluate other elements of the company. Read the mission.

Getting Started

If you're new, start here!


Early draft of principles, needs refining.


The goal is to only accept people who are the best possible fit. Finding the best people is one of the top challenges in our industry, so we need every advantage we can find in this way. See more about this section here.

How Do We Work?


The purpose of this section is to standardize key (not all) product/engineering processes in order to improve the team's performance, and take advantage of an experience curve by eliminating arbitrary process differences.


Helps us find the best clients and staff who share our passion.


How to provide the best results for clients.


Administrative Matters

This section involves the bureaucratic processes the company carry out.


If you want to suggest a change to Countable Web Productions, make a pull request. The rules:

  • Important: Never commit private data or protected intellectual property. Nothing specific to our employees, clients, or finances should go in here.
  • Organize by "context". The documents in here are intended to be actionable. So, for any document, place it with a name and folder structure that matches what someone is doing when they need this information. For example, a timesheet template should go in the GETTING_STARTED folder, since it will be used by new employees.
  • Link prolifically. Wherever you can, link words of your pages to other pages or other websites.
  • Keep it concise, to-the-point, actionable. If you do use an abstraction, provide a corresponding example.
  • Each page should state it's purpose for existing, as related to the company's mission. Clarity and utility over completeness. Try to maximize "usefulness density", or the total benefit (ie, in saved time, dollars) of the content divided by its length (in characters).
  • This repository is intended for a specific company (Countable Web Productions Inc.), if you want to use it for another company, please fork it.


Templates are simply empty documents with no data specific to any Employee or Client, and no real financial data. Templates should be markdown, or public Google Drive charts or sheets.

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