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Frontend client for countdown project

Server-side generation and static file serving for countdown projects' web-client. Uses node.js with jsdom to generate client HTML on the server side (same code that will eventually run in the browser) for the initial requests.

This means that /month, /year, /day, /week, /?adfasdf all work as expected, and all point to a single resource, just as the web intented. It also means everything is crawlable.

From the first request onwards, the client does AJAX requests from the clients' browser.


You need node.js, and then the following node.js modules (installed with npm): jsdom, node-static, express

So basically, you need to install node.js and npm using your distro package manager. Then do:

 npm install jsdom
 npm install node-static
 npm install mongodb --mongodb:native
 npm install express
 npm install winston

Then run with the following command:

 node server.js

This starts the server on port 8080.

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