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pragma solidity 0.5;
pragma experimental "ABIEncoderV2";
/// @title NonceRegistry - A global nonce time-lock registry. Maps nonce keys to nonce values.
/// @author Liam Horne - <>
/// @notice Supports a global mapping of sender, timeout and salt based keys to sequential nonces
/// A nonce is a mapping from a nonce key to a nonce value which can be set
/// if certain conditions (to be defined later) are satisfied. A nonce is parametrized by the sender, the salt,
/// and the timeout. These parameters determine the nonce key. A nonce can only be set by its sender.
/// When a nonce is first set, a timer of length `timeout` starts. During this timeout period, it may
/// only be set to higher values. When the timer expires, the nonce may no longer be set.
contract NonceRegistry {
event NonceSet (bytes32 key, uint256 nonceValue);
struct State {
uint256 nonceValue;
uint256 finalizesAt;
mapping(bytes32 => State) public table;
/// @notice Determine whether a particular key has been set and finalized at a nonce
/// @param key A unique entry in the mapping, computed using `computeKey`
/// @param expectedNonceValue The nonce value that the key is expected to be finalized at
/// @return A boolean referring to whether or not the key has been finalized at the nonce
function isFinalizedOrHasNeverBeenSetBefore(
bytes32 key,
uint256 expectedNonceValue
returns (bool)
return (
(table[key].finalizesAt <= block.number) &&
(table[key].nonceValue == expectedNonceValue)
function isNonceSet(bytes32 key) external view returns (bool) {
return table[key].finalizesAt > 0;
/// @notice Set a nonce in the mapping.
/// Trigger the timeout period to begin if the nonce is set for the first time.
/// @param salt A salt used to generate the nonce key
/// @param nonceValue A nonce at which to set the computed key's value in the mapping
function setNonce(uint256 timeout, bytes32 salt, uint256 nonceValue)
bytes32 key = computeKey(msg.sender, timeout, salt);
table[key].nonceValue < nonceValue,
"Cannot set nonce to a smaller value");
table[key].finalizesAt == 0 || block.number < table[key].finalizesAt,
"Nonce is already finalized"
table[key].nonceValue = nonceValue;
if (table[key].finalizesAt == 0) {
table[key].finalizesAt = block.number + timeout;
emit NonceSet(key, nonceValue);
/// @notice Computes a unique key for the particular salt and msg.sender
/// @param salt A salt used to generate the nonce key
/// @return A unique nonce key derived from the salt and msg.sender
function computeKey(address sender, uint256 timeout, bytes32 salt)
returns (bytes32)
return keccak256(abi.encodePacked(sender, timeout, salt));