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About Gocoin-cash

Gocoin-cash is a full Bitcoin Cash ( solution written in Go language (Golang) and is based on the original work of of Gocoin ( by Piotr Narewski.

The software architecture is focused on maximum performance of the node and cold storage security of the wallet.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Client

The BCH client (p2p node) is an application independent from the wallet.

It keeps the entire BCH UTXO set in RAM, providing the best block processing performance on the market.

In it's original form, With a decent machine and a fast connection (e.g. 4 vCPUs from Google Cloud or Amazon AWS), the node would sync the entire bitcoin block chain in less than 4 hours (as of chain height ~512000) for the Bitcoin core (BTC) chain.

Benchmarks for the Bitcoin BCH chain are to follow. <Pending first #tagged build realease>

** Bitcoin Cash Wallet / Merchant and XCPC Trading API **

The wallet is designed to be used offline. It is deterministic and password seeded. As long as you remember the password, you do not need any backups ever.




  • 64-bit architecture OS and Go compiler.
  • File system supporting files larger than 4GB.
  • At least 15GB of system memory (RAM).


  • Any platform that you can make your Go (cross)compiler to build for (Raspberry Pi works).
  • For security reasons make sure to use encrypted swap file (if there is a swap file).
  • If you decide to store your password in a file, have the disk encrypted (in case it gets stolen).

Operating System

Having hardware requirements met, any target OS supported by your Go compiler will do. Currently that can be at least one of the following:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Free BSD

Build environment

In order to build Gocoin-cash yourself, you will need the following tools installed in your system:

If the tools mentioned above are all properly installed, you should be able to execute go and git from your OS's command prompt without a need to specify full path to the executables.


When building for Linux make sure to have gcc installed or delete file lib/utxo/membind_linux.go

Getting sources

Use go get to fetch and install the source code files. Note that source files get installed within your GOPATH folder.

go get


Client node

Go to the cd $GOPATH/src/ folder and execute go build there.


Go to the cd $GOPATH/src/ folder and execute go build there.


Go to the tools/ folder and execute:

go build <tool>
example: go build btcversig.go

Repeat the go build for each source file of the tool you want to build.


Windows or Linux (amd64) binaries can be downloaded from

(T.B.A) @todo, No binaries yet released (Oct 3, 2018)

Please note that the binaries are usually not up to date. We strongly encourage everyone to build the binaries.


Although it is an open source project, we will accept merge and any pull requests, however we need to have contributors assign copyright to the CCA so we may continue to operate within the bounds of our limited software license agreement to the original project. The reason is that Piotr Narewsk retains certain rights as the original author of this software and excersises an interest and control over its licensing. The CCA accepts these terms without issue and supports the author's rights in this regard.


The official web page of the project is served at where you can find extended documentation, including a User Manual.

Please log github issues here when you have questions concerning this software.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) written in Go (golang)





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