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Countervandalism Network

Wikimedia's counter-vandalism volunteer task force.

Pinned repositories

  1. An IRC bot featuring dynamic loading of wikis, central configuration and database, global lists, auto-broadcast of changes to other instances, detection of page blanking and replacement using autom…

    C# 12 11

  2. Enhance wiki pages with information from the CVN database.

    JavaScript 1

  3. Anything related to the server infrastructure of the Countervandalism Network or general issues and tasks for the people involved.

    JavaScript 4 2

  4. Ensure processes stay alive on distributed nodes.

    PHP 2 1

  5. API for the database of the Countervandalism Network

    PHP 3 1

  6. Helperbot for the IRC channels of the Countervandalism Network.

    Python 3 1


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