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CVNBot (previously known as SWMTBot) is an irc bot written in C# designed for use in networked or multiwiki channels. Features include dynamic loading and unloading of wikis and channels, a central configuration file and database, global lists, auto-broadcast of global changes to all other instances, and detection of page blanking and replacement using automated MediaWiki summaries. Although the thresholds and events can be configured per-bot, per-channel event configuration is not possible.


All global lists are automatically synchronised across the bots in the network (through the broadcast channel). Local lists are stored in the local database only. There is a global article watchlist for all wikis, and one for each one; you can add/delete/show items on the global list by leaving out the "p=" parameter (see the command lists below for more information).


  • Bad new usernames (BNU)
  • Bad new article titles (BNA)
  • Bad edit summaries (BES)
  • User whitelist (WL)
  • User blacklist (BL)
  • User greylist (GL)
  • Global article watchlist (CVP)


  • Lists of admins (AL)
  • Lists of bots (BOTS)
  • Article watchlists (CVP)


Only voiced users (aka +) can use these commands, with the exception of control commands which are restricted to operators only (aka @).

Info commands

Command Description
status When the last message was received from the source.
SampleBot status
Version of the bot and the currently loaded configuration (2 lines).
SampleBot config
bleep wikiname Finds out which bot monitors a particular project. You can issue this command to any networked bot to receive the same results.
SampleBot bleep en.wikipedia
count Finds out how many wikis each bot monitors, and each bot's version. You can issue this command to any networked bot to receive the same results.
SampleBot count
list Returns a list of all currently monitored wikis.
SampleBot list
help Link to this documentation page.
SampleBot help

List commands

Command Description
bl action user [x=duration] [r=reason] Add (add), delete (del), or show (show) an item on the global blacklist.
SampleBot bl add
SampleBot bl del MrVandal
SampleBot bl add MrVandal r=Vandal on nl.wikipedia
gl del user Delete an item from the (global) greylist.
SampleBot gl del MrVandal
wl action user [x=duration] [r=reason] Add, delete, or show an item on the global whitelist.
Same as bl
al action user p=wikiname [x=duration] [r=reason] Add, delete, or show an item on the admin list for a particular wiki.
SampleBot al add MrGood p=en.wikipedia
bots action user p=wikiname [x=duration] [r=reason] Add, delete, or show an item on the bot list for a particular wiki.
Same as al


The duration is measured in number of hours. x=24 will make the entry active for 24 hours (1 day). In all list commands a duration value of 0 is used to indicate that the entry should be active indefinitely (until it is changed or removed). Otherwise the entry will expire (removed from the database) after the set duration.

The default duration is 0 for all lists, except for blacklist where the entries expire after a duration of 744 hours by default (31 days).

Control commands

Command Description
quit Quits the bot.
SampleBot quit
restart Restarts the bot.
SampleBot restart
load wikiname [interwiki] Add a wiki to the monitor.
SampleBot load en.wikipedia
SampleBot load meta.wikimedia m:
SampleBot load nl.wikimedia nl:chapter:
SampleBot load sv.wikiquote q:sv:
drop wikiname Removes a wiki from the monitor.
SampleBot drop en.wikipedia
msgs Rebuilds message cache from the Console.msgs file. Only necessary when the file has changed. This automatically hapends on restart, so only use it if the messages file has changed while the bot is running without, and want the bot to start using the new version without restarting it.
SampleBot msgs
reload wikiname Rebuilds wiki cache from the wiki over HTTP. Use this if any of the log entry message templates have changed (either by MediaWiki software update or due to a local override by the wiki administrators).
SampleBot reload en.wikipedia
SampleBot batchreload
getadmins wikiname
SampleBot getadmins en.wikipedia
getbots wikiname
SampleBot getbots en.wikipedia
SampleBot batchgetusers



See Home#Installation and Home#Upgrade.

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