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  • users (optional): Pipe separated list of wiki user names.
  • pages (optional): Pipe separated list of wiki page names.
  • callback (optional): Simple javascript identifier (character class: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . ][ '").
    If you're doing cross-domain requests from javascript, you can use this parameter to request a JSON-P style response instead of plain JSON.



The server will respond with content-type application/json and a body containing a valid JSON string.

If you specify a callback, the server will instead respond with text/javascript and invoke said function with an object literal.

In case of an error, an HTTP 400 status is returned and the response body will only contain an error with one of the error codes.


The following properties are returned in a successful request. Note that response only includes users and pages found in the database, there is no empty placeholder for names specified in the request that weren't listed anywhere.

  • users: An object keyed by user name containing:
  • type: The type of list this user is on.
    Value: One of "blacklist", "whitelist" or "greylist"
  • comment: Comment left by the adder.
    Value: A string or false if no reason was given.
  • expiry: The timestamp of when this list item expires.
    Value: The number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT) or false for indefinitely.
  • adder: The user who added this list item.
  • pages: An object keyed by page name.
  • comment: Comment left by the adder.
  • expiry: The timestamp of when this list item expires.
  • adder: The user who added this list item.
  • lastUpdate: The timestamp of when the database was last modified.

Possible errors:

  • missing-query: At least one of users or pages must be specified and non-empty.
  • invalid-callback: The callback specified is empty or contains one or more illegal characters.
  • internal: An internal error occured (e.g. connection problems or missing configuration files).


Usage in javascript

Example using jQuery.ajax:

	// Check the status of the following users and pages
	var users = ['', 'Krinkle'];
	var pages = ['Main Page', 'Template:Delete'];

		url: '',
		data: {
			users: users.join('|'),
			pages: pages.join('|')
		dataType: 'jsonp',
		cache: true
	}).then(function (data) {
				"users": {
					"MyName": {
						"type": "..",
						"comment": "..",
						"expiry": "..",
						"adder": ".."
				"pages": {
					"Main Page": {
						"comment": "..",
						"expiry": "..",
						"adder": ".."

Usage in PHP

Example using file_get_contents:

	// Check the status of the following users and pages
	$users = array('', 'Krinkle');
	$pages = array('Main Page', 'Template:Delete');

	$result = file_get_contents(
		'' . http_build_query( array(
			'users' => implode( '|', $users ),
			'pages' => implode( '|', $pages ),
	$data = json_decode($result, true);

	echo var_export($data);
		'users' => array(
			'MyName' => array(
				'type' => '..',
				'comment' => '..',
				'expiry' => '..',
				'adder' => '..',
		'pages' => array(
			'Main Page' => array(
				'comment' => '..',
				'expiry' => '..',
				'adder' => '..',


  • Clone this repository.
  • Copy the database of a CVNBot to the data directory.
  • Expose public_html directory in the document root of a web server that supports PHP 5.3.10 or higher (e.g. Apache or NGINX).
  • Done!

Copyright and license

See LICENSE.txt.


API for the database of the Countervandalism Network




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