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Solarized Colorscheme for Mate Terminal

Scripts for setting the Solarized color set with Mate Terminal.

This is nothing more than a fork of sigurdga's original Gnome Terminal Colors Solarized repository with some basic search-and-replace applied.


Only the foreground, background and highlight colors are different in the light and dark color sets, as one of the main ideas behind Ethan Schonoover's work is to use the same colors in the palette for both.

If you are not happy, you can change which colors are used for what in the shell. This can be done by using ls-colors-solarized.

See the Solarized homepage for theory behind the colors, screenshots, details and colorscheme versions for Vim, Mutt, popular terminal emulators and other applications.

For the original works of Ethan Schoonover, visit the Solarized repository. The scripts for Gnome Terminal is maintained in Gnome Terminal Colors Solarized repository. The scripts for Mate Terminal is maintained in Mate Terminal Colors Solarized repository.

Installation and usage

Clone the [git repository], then run ./solarize. To change between light and dark background, run ./solarize again.

$ git clone git://
$ cd mate-terminal-colors-solarized
$ ./solarize


Change to another profile in Mate Terminal, then remove the Solarized profile by running:

$ rm -r ~/.gconf/apps/mate-terminal/profiles/Solarized/



Conflicting background colors in VIM

Use the 16 colors terminal option to get VIM to look like GVIM with solarized colors.

set t_Co=16

Problems with Gnome 3.8

Switch to the Gnome 3.8 branch with the command :

git checkout gnome-3.8

Then launch the script.