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A simple automated graph stress test tool based on the Pilot graph operator, utilizing the Tinkerpop stack — i.e. Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes. You can use it to:

  • quickly generate random graphs of whatever configuration you want (you can specify number of vertices and level of connectivity)
  • benchmark different graph database providers on some defined metrics
  • automate sets of tests to be run on any number of graphs

To Use:

For Maven Users

After downloading the project, just:

$ mvn clean install
$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="sampletestdefinition.xml"

In the above command, any test definition XML file may be used in place of the example sampletestdefinition.xml file provided.



Make sure you have Pilot, the Tinkerpop libraries, and your favorite graph database already in your system CLASSPATH.


Copy the sources in src/main/groovy/com/countvajhula/splinter/ to a desired location and cd into that directory. Then:

$ groovyc *.groovy
$ ./Splinter.groovy <testdefinitionfile.xml>

As an example, the provided sampletestdefinition.xml file may be used in the above command.

Test Definition

The test definition file is pretty straightforward XML (see sampletestdefinition.xml for a comprehensive example) like so:

		<graph type="tinkergraph" overwrite="no">
		<!-- add more graphs here if you want to get crazy -->
		<test name="getEdgesBetweenVertices">
		<test name="getNeighbors">
		<!-- these are the only pre-loaded metrics. You can add your own fairly easily by modifying the file TestMetrics.groovy, if you want to get crazy -->

Example output:

$./GraphStressTester.groovy sampletestdefinition.xml
TinkerGraph graph initialized.
Graph empty or overwrite set to true. Recreating graph.
Running getNeighbors...
profiler results:
------PROFILER RESULTS (tinkergraph_100vertices_linear0.2connxns--getneighbors) ------
Total Duration = 152.004 ms
getNeighbors:	149.073 ms	98.07176127 %
getVertex:	1.988 ms	1.30786032 %
hashCode:	0.595 ms	0.39143707 %
equals:	0.348 ms	0.22894134 %
super$2$getElementProperty:	0.0 ms	0.0 %
$createCallSiteArray:	0.0 ms	0.0 %
super$2$getAllEdges:	0.0 ms	0.0 %
super$2$removeEdge:	0.0 ms	0.0 %
super$2$this$dist$set$2:	0.0 ms	0.0 %
... etc.
------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (tinkergraph_100vertices_linear0.2connxns--getneighbors) ------