A Submodular Maximization Rewriting Scheme in Deduplication-based Backup Systems
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SMR, i.e, Submodular Maximization Rewriting Scheme, is a cost-efficient rewriting scheme to improve restore performance in deduplication systems.

The SMR paper

Jie Wu, Yu Hua, Pengfei Zuo, Yuanyuan Sun, "A Cost-efficient Rewriting Scheme to Improve Restore Performance in Deduplication Systems", Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST), 2017.


We use the interfaces in Destor and make some revisions to implement SMR and support C++.

The detailed implementation of SMR scheme is in the code file destor-smr/src/smr_rewrite.cpp.

The compared rewriting schemes in SMR papers are implemented in the code files destor-smr/src/cap_rewrite.cpp and destor-smr/src/ned_rewrite.cpp.


Linux 64bit.


  1. libssl-dev is required to calculate sha-1 digest;
  2. GLib 2.32 or later version


If all dependencies are installed, compiling destor is straightforward:



make install


The rebuild script should be run before destor to prepare working directory and clear data.

The default working path is in destor.config. You can modify it together with the rebuild script.

You can do the following steps to backup and restore the backup stream.

  1. start a backup task,

    destor /backup_stream_directory

    Example: destor /home/data/

  2. start a restore task,

    destor -r$backup_job_id$ /restore_direstory

    Example: destor -r0 /home/restore/


A sample configuration is shown in destor.config.

The default rewriting scheme in destor.config is SMR. You can choose other rewriting schemes or no rewriting.

The SMR level in destor.config is adjustable according to the demand of restore performance.


Email: wujie@hust.edu.cn

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.