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fabianp commented Sep 7, 2011


Trying to use bento to build scipy I get the following error. I'm running gfortran from macports.

(p26)~/dev/scipy(master) BENTOMAKER_DEBUG=1 ../bento/bentomaker configure
Checking for 'gcc' (c compiler)          : /opt/local/bin/gcc 
Checking for program python              : ['/Users/fabian/envs/p26/bin/python'] 
python executable '['/Users/fabian/envs/p26/bin/python']' different from sys.executable '/Users/fabian/envs/p26/bin/python'
Checking for python version              : (2, 6, 6, 'final', 0) 
Checking for library python2.6 in LIBPATH_PYEMBED : yes 
Checking for program python2.6-config,python-config-2.6,python2.6m-config : /opt/local/bin/python2.6-config 
Checking for header Python.h                                              : yes 
Checking for 'g++' (c++ compiler)                                         : /opt/local/bin/g++ 
Checking for 'gfortran' (fortran compiler)                                : /opt/local/bin/gfortran 
Checking for program f2py                                                 : /Users/fabian/envs/p26/bin/f2py 
fortran link verbose flag                                                 : failure 
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 473, in noexc_main
    ret = main(argv)
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 236, in main
    return _wrapped_main(popts, run_node, top_node, build_node)
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 276, in _wrapped_main
    return _main(popts, run_node, top_node, build_node)
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 348, in _main
    run_cmd(cmd_name, cmd_opts, run_node, top_node, build_node)
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 420, in run_cmd
    run_cmd_in_context(cmd_klass, cmd_name, cmd_opts, ctx_klass, run_node, top_node, pkg)
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 450, in run_cmd_in_context
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/bento/bentomakerlib/", line 446, in _run_hooks
  File "/Users/fabian/dev/scipy/bscript", line 136, in pre_configure
  File "/Users/fabian/src/waf-1.6.7/waflib/", line 391, in fun
    raise e
bentomaker: Error: bentomaker crashed (uncaught exception <class 'waflib.Errors.ConfigurationError'>: Could not obtain the fortran link verbose flag (see config.log)
(complete log in /Users/fabian/dev/scipy/build/config.log)).
Please report this on bento issue tracker:

The complete log can be found here:

cournape commented Sep 8, 2011

Currently, compiler options are hardcoded in the bscript files, so it is expected for gfortran from macport not to work out of the box. Until I will fix arch compiler detection, you may want to remove the addition of the -arch flags in the top bscript file.


This is more of a numpy issue, so I created a bug here to track this:

@cournape cournape closed this Nov 22, 2011
fabianp commented Jan 5, 2012

@cournape It would be great if you could give me some comments in scipy/scipy#126 . Thanks!

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