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Dipy is a python toolbox for analysis of MR diffusion imaging.
Dipy is for research only; please do not use results from dipy for
clinical decisions.
Current information can always be found at the NIPY dipy website - - or directly from the DIPY website -
Mailing Lists
Please see the developer's list at
You can find our sources and single-click downloads:
* `Main repository`_ on Github.
* Documentation_ for all releases and current development tree.
* Download as a tar/zip file the `current trunk`_.
* Downloads of all `available releases`_.
.. _main repository:
.. _Documentation:
.. _current trunk:
.. _available releases:
dipy is licensed under the terms of the BSD license. Some code included with
dipy is also licensed under the BSD license. Please the LICENSE file in the
dipy distribution.
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