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Extract dependency info from ETS setup files.
Should be run from the ETS root directory, which contains the
directories for each ETS package.
import os
from ets import ets_package_names
INDENT = ' '
for pkg_name in ets_package_names.split():
setup_data = dict(__name__='', __file__='')
execfile(os.path.join(pkg_name,''), setup_data)
INFO = setup_data['INFO']
print '%s %s' % (INFO['name'], INFO['version'])
print INDENT + 'ETS installation dependencies:'
for item in INFO['install_requires']:
print INDENT*2 + str(item)
if 'extras_require' not in INFO:
print INDENT + 'Other dependencies:'
for (key,value) in INFO['extras_require'].items():
if value:
print '%s%s' % ( INDENT*2, key)
for sub_item in value:
print INDENT*3,sub_item
except TypeError:
print INDENT*3,value
except (IOError,), ermsg:
print pkg_name
print INDENT + str(ermsg)