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#ifndef __AC_KSW_H
#define __AC_KSW_H
#include <stdint.h>
#define KSW_XBYTE 0x10000
#define KSW_XSTOP 0x20000
#define KSW_XSUBO 0x40000
#define KSW_XSTART 0x80000
struct _kswq_t;
typedef struct _kswq_t kswq_t;
typedef struct {
int score; // best score
int te, qe; // target end and query end
int score2, te2; // second best score and ending position on the target
int tb, qb; // target start and query start
} kswr_t;
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Aligning two sequences
* @param qlen length of the query sequence (typically <tlen)
* @param query query sequence with 0 <= query[i] < m
* @param tlen length of the target sequence
* @param target target sequence
* @param m number of residue types
* @param mat m*m scoring matrix in one-dimention array
* @param gapo gap open penalty; a gap of length l cost "-(gapo+l*gape)"
* @param gape gap extension penalty
* @param xtra extra information (see below)
* @param qry query profile (see below)
* @return alignment information in a struct; unset values to -1
* When xtra==0, ksw_align() uses a signed two-byte integer to store a
* score and only finds the best score and the end positions. The 2nd best
* score or the start positions are not attempted. The default behavior can
* be tuned by setting KSW_X* flags:
* KSW_XBYTE: use an unsigned byte to store a score. If overflow occurs,
* kswr_t::score will be set to 255
* KSW_XSUBO: track the 2nd best score and the ending position on the
* target if the 2nd best is higher than (xtra&0xffff)
* KSW_XSTOP: stop if the maximum score is above (xtra&0xffff)
* KSW_XSTART: find the start positions
* When *qry==NULL, ksw_align() will compute and allocate the query profile
* and when the function returns, *qry will point to the profile, which can
* be deallocated simply by free(). If one query is aligned against multiple
* target sequences, *qry should be set to NULL during the first call and
* freed after the last call. Note that qry can equal 0. In this case, the
* query profile will be deallocated in ksw_align().
kswr_t ksw_align(int qlen, uint8_t *query, int tlen, uint8_t *target, int m, const int8_t *mat, int gapo, int gape, int xtra, kswq_t **qry);
#ifdef __cplusplus
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