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# Use .add_data_files and .add_data_dir methods in a appropriate
# files to include non-python files such as documentation,
# data, etc files to distribution. Avoid using for that.
include *.txt
include site.cfg.example
include numpy/random/mtrand/
recursive-include numpy/random/mtrand *.pyx *.pxd
# Add build support that should go in sdist, but not go in bdist/be installed
recursive-include numpy/_build_utils *
recursive-include numpy/linalg/lapack_lite *.c *.h
# Add sdist files whose use depends on local configuration.
include numpy/core/src/multiarray/cblasfuncs.c
include numpy/core/src/multiarray/python_xerbla.c
# Adding scons build related files not found by distutils
recursive-include numpy/core/code_generators *.py *.txt
recursive-include numpy/core *.in *.h
# Add documentation: we don't use add_data_dir since we do not want to include
# this at installation, only for sdist-generated tarballs
include doc/Makefile doc/
recursive-include doc/release *
recursive-include doc/source *
recursive-include doc/sphinxext *
recursive-include tools/swig *
recursive-include doc/scipy-sphinx-theme *
global-exclude *.pyc *.pyo *.pyd