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This small projects illustrates symbols 'leaking':

- the (static) library libprivate_foo.a contains a private_foo function
- the (shared) library contains a foo function, that internally uses private_foo
- the executable main links and only uses the function foo
- the executable private_main links and uses both function foo and private_foo

If you do:

make main private_main

with the default link flags, it will build and link correctly. The symbol private_foo is leaked through



0000000000000ee0 T _foo
0000000000000f10 T _private_foo
                 U dyld_stub_binder

where the upper case signals non-local symbols.

If the -exported_symbol_list/--version-script part of LIBFOO_LDFLAGS is uncommented, and everything is rebuilt:

make clean && make main private_main

private_main will fail to link, as does not export private_foo. This can confirmed by nm



0000000000000ee0 T _foo
0000000000000f10 t _private_foo
                 U dyld_stub_binder