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talkbox is a scikit for signal/speech processing, to extend scipy capabilities
in that domain.

See INSTALL.txt for installation instruction.

The goal is to provide some functionalities found in matlab signal toolbox, as
well as other features not found in matlab for speech processing. In
particular, we intend to implement the following:
        - parametric and non parametric spectral estimation: ar, periodogram,
          MUSIC, PENCIL, etc...
        - lpc estimation
        - Discrete Cosine Transform, Modified Discrete Cosine Transform
        - basic speech-related features: mfcc, mel filtering, etc...

One perticular feature of talkbox is that every algorithm will have a 100%
python implementation for educational purpose; some implementations will also
be in C, but there alway will be a python reference implementation.

talkbox is licensed under a very liberal, BSD-based license, for use in both
open-source and proprietary softwares.
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