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Coursier is the Scala application and artifact manager. It can install Scala applications and setup your Scala development environment. It can also download and cache artifacts from the web.

See the website for more details.

Code of Conduct

The coursier project welcomes contributions from anybody wishing to participate. All code or documentation that is provided must be licensed with the same license that coursier is licensed with (Apache 2.0, see LICENSE).

People are expected to follow the Scala Code of Conduct when discussing coursier on GitHub, Gitter channel, or other venues.

Feel free to open an issue if you notice a bug, have an idea for a feature, or have a question about the code. Pull requests are also gladly accepted.


Large parts of the developments in coursier since Sep. 2018 have been funded by the Scala Center, through the employment or contracting of myself (Alexandre Archambault).