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Add release notes for 1.0.0-RC12 and 1.0.0-RC13

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Simply a convenience release, aiming at having the actual next release (`1.0.0-RC13`) be fine with Java 9. See the release notes for `1.0.0-RC13` for the actual list of changes.
The particularity of `1.0.0-RC12-1` is that its sbt-shading plugin generates code that is fine with Java 9, but it itself doesn't run fine in Java 9. On the other hand, `1.0.0-RC13` is fine in both cases (generates code fine with Java 9, and can itself run with Java 9).
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### Changes
* Fix small glitch when reading exclusions from POMs ([#648])
* More careful handling of dependencies between tasks in sbt plugin, via `Def.taskDyn` ([#651])
* Filter out sbt preloaded repos by default (these don't bring much when sbt-coursier is enabled, set the `coursierKeepPreloaded` setting to `true` to re-enabled, [#651])
* Add helper to make it easy to bump sbt-coursier version if sbt-coursier is loaded from `project/project/plugins.sbt` (add a `addSbtPlugin("io.get-coursier" % "sbt-coursier" % "1.0.0-RC12")` in `project/project/plugins.sbt`, then just a `addSbtCoursier` in `project/plugins.sbt` - [#651])
* Fix `MatchError` when using cross version patch with sbt 1.0 ([#658])
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### Changes
* Fix `java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError` exception with Java 9 ([#678])
* Fix "Missing Ivy XML" errors, with sbt >= 1.0.2, when publishing with sbt-pgp ([#679])
* Use [OS-specific directory]( by default for the cache of coursier. Note that if a `~/.coursier` already exists on your machine, it will be peaked by coursier instead of the OS-specific directory. If it doesn't, the OS-specific directory will be created and used ([#676], thanks to [@soc])

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