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New features

Scaladex-based launch command

Allows to launch applications from their Scaladex name via the coursier launch command (#385, thanks to @MasseGuillaume too)


$ coursier launch lihaoyi/ammonite
$ coursier launch olafurpg/scalafmt

New sbt-shading plugin

Added in #426

Allows to shade dependencies like

lazy val myProj = project
    shadingNamespace := "myproj.shaded",
    libraryDependencies += "com" %% "foo" % "0.2.3" % "shaded"

sbt myProj/shading:publish then publishes myProj with shaded under the myproj.shaded namespace.

Experimental 100% coursier-based sbt launcher

Added in #439, available at csbt

Try it from the coursier sources with

$ ./csbt

Allows to add plugins from project/ (optionally renamed to at the root of the project), like


plugins = [

Other new features

  • Helper syntax for bintray Ivy repositories (#481, thanks to @olafurpg)


$ coursier launch -r bintray-ivy:org/repo-name ...

Bug fixes

  • Fix javadoc and sources of scala-library / scala-reflect not found when using the same Scala version as sbt (#406)
  • Better handling of packaging / artifact types / optional dependencies from Maven repositories (#430) - fixes broken or buggy sbt console, missing JARs for dependencies having packaging POM in their POM file.
  • Fix minor glitch in progress bar display (#439, display not cleaned properly after progress bars)
  • No more Unrecognized repository inter-project when running sbt updateSbtClassifiers (#439)
  • Don't trap parent POM or dependency management metadata errors (#437, thanks to @kzys)
  • Trim Maven properties (#421, thanks to @kzys)

Version bumps

  • Switch to scala 2.12.1 (#426)
  • Switch to scalaz 7.2.8 (#426)
  • Switch to scalajs 0.6.15 (#467)


  • Fix typos in README (#413, thanks to @n4to4)
  • Shade fastparse dependency (#443)
  • Use sbt credentials by default (#445, thanks to @Jentsch, no more coursierUseSbtCredentials key to set to true)
  • Some code clean up (#472, thanks to @Jentsch, #474, #476)
  • Have MavenRepository be fine with sbt plugins by default (#477, no more flag to manually set to true)
  • Tweaks in coursier spark-submit command (#478, #484, #486)

Non-backward compatible changes

  • Some internal (but public) API changed, it is recommended to re-compile your code against 1.0.0-RC1.