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v2.0.0-RC6-24 Pre-release
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@alexarchambault alexarchambault released this
· 666 commits to master since this release


  • Fix handling of version intervals in JSON report (dependencies with a version interval as version had empty dependencies).
  • Ensure latest.stable doesn't match milestones or alpha / beta versions.
  • Accept space characters as separator in COURSIER_REPOSITORIES, so that Ivy repositories with different metadata and artifact patterns can be used.
  • Fix update and list command on Windows.


  • Don't print empty line when the result of the fetch command is empty.
  • In the java and java-home commands, don't re-download JVM index when not necessary. (If the cached index has a matching JVM, it's used straightaway, and the index is not updated. Pass --update to force updating the index.)
  • Add aliases for GCS repositories (gcs, gcs-eu, gcs-asia)