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@alexarchambault alexarchambault released this 02 Nov 14:09


Persisted checksums written outside of the coursier cache

Persisted checksums were added in 2.0.5. These could mistakenly be written outside of the coursier cache, under ~/.ivy2/local for example. This release fixes that.

Fixed in #1909, thanks to @oyvindberg.

Changing artifacts in cs get command

The cs get command allows to download things via the coursier cache:

$ cs get

If a URL it is passed ends with ?changing=true, cs get should assume the artifact is changing (and may check for updates if the last check is older than the TTL). This release includes a fix for that. Prior to it, these were not assumed to be changing, so were not checked for updates.

Fixed in #1907, thanks to @martijnhoekstra.