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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#%# family=auto
#%# capabilities=autoconf suggest
# Thin Memory Usage
# Copyright (c) 2009 Courtenay Gasking
# Munin plugin to look for Thin processes and monitor their memory usage.
# Uses the response from `ps auwx` to determine usage.
# This script should play nicely with munin-node-configure, correctly
# setting up / suggesting the correct symlinks for you. You may like to
# modify the memory.warning / memory.critical lines to suit your own
# app's memory usage profile.
# Todo: plot all thin memory usage on a single graph, instead of on a series
# of graphs. Not entirely sure how to do this (if a thin goes down, it'll be
# removed from the graph and things will break?)
def config
name = $0.scan(/thin_(\d+)/) && $1
config = <<__CONFIG
graph_title Thin #{name} memory usage
graph_vlabel Bytes
graph_category Rails
memory.label RSS
memory.warning 200000000
memory.critical 300000000
graph_info Memory used by thin instance
def find_thins
cmd = `ps auwx | grep -P "thin\\.\\d"`
case ARGV[0]
when 'config'
puts config
exit 0
when 'autoconf'
if thins = find_thins && find_thins.size > 0
puts 'yes'
exit 0
# Not idea, but if we can't find any thins, then we can't suggest 'em for you.
puts 'no'
exit 1
when 'suggest'
thins = find_thins.scan(/thin\.(\d+)\.sock/)
thins.each { |thin| puts thin }
else # [""]
thins = find_thins.split("\n")
name = $0.scan(/thin_(\d+)/)
thin = thins.detect { |line| line =~ /thin\.#{name}\.sock/ }
if thin.nil?
puts "memory.value U"
puts "memory.value #{thin.split[5].to_i * 1024}"
exit 0
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