The official Ruby Library for interacting with the Lighthouse API
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Lighthouse API

The official Ruby library for interacting with the Lighthouse REST API.

Documentation & Requirements

  • ActiveResource
  • ActiveSupport

Check out lib/lighthouse.rb for examples and documentation.

Using The Lighthouse Console

The Lighthouse library comes with a convenient console for testing and quick commands (or whatever else you want to use it for).

From /lib:

# For ruby 1.9
# irb -I. -r lighthouse/console.rb

irb -r lighthouse/console

Lighthouse.account = "activereload"

#### You can use `authenticate` OR `token`
Lighthouse.authenticate('username', 'password')
#Lighthouse.token = 'YOUR_TOKEN'



  • technoweenie (rick)
  • caged (Justin Palmer)
  • granth (Grant Hollingworth)
  • kneath (Kyle Neath)
  • djanowski (Damian Janowski)
  • drnic (Dr Nic Williams)
  • texel (Leigh Caplan)
  • trptcolin (Colin Jones)
  • cyberfox (Morgan Schweers)
  • krekoten (Крекотень Мар'ян)