Scripts for producing Tender import archives from external services
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Tender Import Tools

This is a repository of code for producing Tender import archives, for Tender customers who wish to move their discussions from another service.

The methods used to produce an import archive will vary with the service and the facilities they provide, such as data dumps or API access. These scripts are being made available in the hopes that they'll be useful, but it's up to you to review them before running them on your own computer or against an existing service. We aren't responsible if your computer blows up or you are banned from an existing service for TOS violations, or both.

That said, if you make useful or necessary modifications to a script, or produce a script for importing from a new service, please open a Tender discussion or send a pull request to let us know.


This toolset can be installed as a Ruby gem:

$ gem install tender_import


The only command-line tool included is zendesk2tender:

$ zendesk2tender --help


There is also an API for building Tender import archives with Ruby.

See lib/tender_import/archive.rb for an example of API usage.