A C++ library for simple network applications
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ezio - A library for doing simple I/O operations (sockets and files) in C++


  • Easy things should be easy
  • Hard things should be easy, but not at the expense of easy things being hard
  • Programs should be fast, but not at the expense of legibility
  • Polymorphism is not expensive in an IO-bound application
  • Memory allocations can be expensive and should be avoidable in the critical path
  • Abstractions should be intuitive for someone familiar with the underlying C API
  • Templates make programs slower to compile. They shouldn't be avoided altogether, but it should be possible to write a fully-functional application without using any of the template API.
  • Source code should be simple and easy to read. It should not be unnecessarily complicated with workarounds for broken compilers or non-POSIX-compliant operating systems.
  • The library does NOT attempt to be an all-inclusive wrapper for every single C function; if there's a function that's not included, it should be relatively simple to call that function directly.
  • Whenever possible the library should provide access to the underlying C data types

Why libevent instead of libev?

  • Feel free to write a libev-based reactor. I chose libevent because it had better documentation.


  • Not currently supported, but could be in the future. Maybe a libcurl wrapper?


  • gmake
  • POSIX.1-2001
  • libev
  • glibc (for backtraces)