Does it resize down to 320px for mobile devices? #2

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I really like the concept I see here. Right now I am working with "Skeleton" but thought for quite some time that there must be a nother solution, using the full width of the device. Did I find that here?

I am not sure but I was using your example page, modified the min-width to 320px and got rid of the margin of the example page. When I then resized my browser, down to 320px, I could not see the very right column in full. Am I right with that or what could I have made wrong?

Thanks for any help on that.


sorry, sorry, sorry - I think that was because of the scroll bar. After hiding the scroll bar and setting the body to min-width:320px, I can see all 12 columns.
I will start working with it very soon. It looks promising to me. I love the whole idea of the responsive designs. It is so much fun. Thanks for doing this for the community.



Talk about responsive… sorry for the very late reply. I'm glad you figured your problem out on your own.
I haven't been maintaining this project for a while. I think that at the time it was a good idea, and I'm confident that it was a clever way to use CSS percentages to establish a grid,but since then I moved to a more flexible approach with CSS3 and never ended up designing within such a constraining grid (as in CSS-based grid systems). It can definitely speed up the process though, so it's a matter of taste.

To be honest, I even moved away from coding altogether, and just stick to design, so I'm no man to give coding advices anymore :)

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