Public Dev: COVA protocol core containing routing node, compute node, centrifuge, and CovaVM
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This projecy contains the public facing repo for COVA core.

This repo has four major components:

  1. Cova Routing Node
  2. Cova Compute Node
  3. Centrifuge and Smart Policy writing toolkit
  4. CovaVM, which enforces the smart data policies

To run router nodes:

Make sure you have all the router credentials under configs/router[i].json

# cd dockerfiles/routingnode
docker compose up -d
# cd /path/to/cova-core
docker run -t routingnode -v config/router[i].json:config/usercred.json -p 10000[+i]:10000

To run compute nodes:

# cd dockerfiles/comptuenode
docker compose up -d
docker run -t computenode -p 11000:11000