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% Compute Frequency Warped CEPstrum (FWCEP) from a half spectrum
% Description
% This function allows to compute frequency warped cepstral coefficients
% of a given spectrum (e.g. an envelope).
% By default, the amplitude spectrum is warped using the frq2mel.m function of
% the VOICEBOX toolbox. However, any other warping function can be used and
% specified in the warpfn argument.
% Note that the energy wich is lost by droping the negative cepstral coefficients
% is compensated by multiplying the positive cepstral coefficients by 2, thus
% preserving the energy between the spectrum and the cepstral coefficients.
% By using the mel frequency scale, this implementation is very similar to the
% initial step of the Mel CEPstral computation (MCEP) [2]. The main difference
% is that, here, the frequency scale is compressed in frequency domain using
% simple linear interpolation, whereas in [2], it is compressed in cepstral
% domain.
% Input
% C : The half spectrum to compress. If C is a vector, C should have
% the size [dftlen/2+1 1]. C can be a matrix of size [dftlen/2+1 n]
% fs : [Hz] Sampling frequency
% [order] : Order of the cepstrum
% (Without counting the 0-coefficient. The size of the fwcep vector
% is thus always 1+order)
% [warpfn] : The frequency warping function.
% Any functions of the "Frequency Scale Conversion" section of the
% VOICEBOX can be used.
% (def. frq2mel, in order to compute the MCEP-like coefficients)
% [varargin] : Any additionnal argument for the warpfn function.
% Output
% fwcep : Frequency warped coefficients
% See also
% fwcep2hspec
% Reference
% [1] K. Tokuda, T. Kobayashi, T Masuko and S. Imai, "Mel-generalized cepstral
% analysis - A unified approach to speech spectral estimation", Proceedings
% of International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, vol.3,
% pp.1043-1046, 1994.
% [2] T. Fukada, K. Tokuda, T. Kobayashi, and S. Imai, "An adaptive algorithm
% for mel-cepstral analysis of speech," in IEEE International Conference on
% Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), vol. 1, p. 137-140
% vol.1, 1992.
% * About the warping functions, please have a look at the references given in
% the documentation of the corresponding functions in VOICEBOX (e.g. frq2mel.m)
% Copyright (c) 2011 University of Crete - Computer Science Department
% License
% This file is under the LGPL license, you can
% redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
% Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
% of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This file is
% distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
% without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
% PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
% details.
% This function is part of the Covarep project:
% Author
% Gilles Degottex <>
function fwcep = hspec2fwcep(C, fs, order, warpfn, varargin)
if size(C,1)==1, C = C'; end
% The input C is assumed to be a half spectrum
dftlen = (size(C,1)-1)*2;
if nargin<3 || isempty(order); order=dftlen/2; end
if nargin<4 || isempty(warpfn); warpfn=@frq2mel; end
% Compute the warping function
freqlin = (0:dftlen/2)'*fs/dftlen;
freqmel = 0.5*fs*warpfn(freqlin, varargin{:})/warpfn(0.5*fs, varargin{:});
% Warp the spectrum
env = interp1q(freqmel, abs(C), freqlin);
idx = isnan(env(end,:));
if any(idx)
% Symmetrize the warped spectrum prior to cepstral computation
Cwrap = [env; conj(env(end-1:-1:2,:))];
% Compute the cepstrum
fwcep = ifft(log(abs(Cwrap)),'symmetric');
% Drop the negative quefrencies and compensate the loss of cepstral energy
fwcep = [fwcep(1,:); 2*fwcep(2:1+order,:)];